Fighters’ Brains Show Changes Before Symptoms Appear

The New York Times reports that preliminary findings from the year-old Professional Fighters Brain Health Study show that physical changes in the brain resulting from repeated blows to the head are detectable before memory loss and decline in cognitive function appear. According to Dr. Charles Bernick, the focus on blows that result in concussion rather [...]

Effectiveness of Steroid Shots Compared with That of Placebo for Back Pain

Nicholas Bakalar in the New York Times Well blog reports that a randomized study of 84 adults with short-term back pain shows that there is no statistical significance in reduction of leg and back pain when comparing steroid injections, an arthritis medicine, and a placebo. “The researchers conclude that steroids may provide some short-term analgesic [...]

2017-04-22T16:58:04-05:00Back Pain, Pain|1 Comment
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