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Executive Function: Development in Rehabilitation

After a brain injury, a useful alternative to the natural development of executive functions (EF) having to do with inhibition and emotional self-control is the reinforcement of rules that prohibit target behaviors. Using prohibitions to develop self-control is useful because it simulates the down-regulation of the limbic system by the orbital-frontal cortex (OFC). The OFC [...]

Cognitive Reserve

Three important concepts for us to consider are cognitive work capacity, cognitive work demand, and cognitive reserve, the person’s residual functional capacity. As a person is evaluated to return to work after experiencing a brain injury, a comparison will be made between his or her available work capacity and the job’s demands. If there is [...]

Executive Function: Maturational Development

During childhood and adolescence, the development of executive functions such as working memory follows the development of white matter tracts and associations among cortical and sub-cortical structures in the human brain (Nagy, Westerberg, & Klingberg, 2004). Full integration of white matter and gray matter does not conclude until early adulthood, with males and females differing [...]

Vert Mooney, MD

Vert Mooney died yesterday afternoon on his way home from work, apparently from a heart attack or stroke.  He was a pioneer in so many aspects of rehabilitation and one of the world's foremost spine surgeons, a wonderful husband and father, and a friend and mentor whose absence will be deeply felt. I woke up [...]