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Title: Development and reliability testing of Spanish language and English language versions of the Multidimensional Task Ability Profile.
Source: J Occup Rehabil. 2013 Jun;23(2):220–7
Author(s): Verna JL, Matheson LN, Gables S, Hause R, Mayer JM.
PubMed ID: 23065195

Title: Perceived functional ability assessed with the spinal function sort: is it valid for European rehabilitation settings in patients with non-specific non-acute low back pain?
Source: Eur Spine J. 2010 Sep;19(9):1527–33. Epub 2010 May 21.
Author(s): P. R. Oesch, R. Hilfiker, J. P. Kool, S. Bachmann, K. B. Hagen.
PubMed ID: 20490874

Title: Performance-integrated self-report measurement of physical ability.
Source: Spine J. 2010 May;10(5):433–40. Epub 2010 Mar 24.
Author(s): Mooney V, Matheson LN, Verna J, Leggett S, Dreisinger TE, Mayer JM.
PubMed ID: 20338829

Title: Executive dysfunction, severity of traumatic brain injury, and IQ in workers with disabilities.
Source: Work. 2010 Jan 1;36(4):413–22.
Author(s): Leonard Matheson.
PubMed ID: 20714097

Title: Initial development of a work-related assessment of dysexecutive syndrome: the Complex Task Performance Assessment.
Source: Work. 2008;31(2):221–8.
Author(s): Wolf TJ, Morrison T, Matheson L.
PubMed ID: 18957739

Title: A method to provide a more efficient and reliable measure of self-report physical work capacity for patients with spinal pain.
Source: J Occup Rehabil. 2008 Mar;18(1):46–57. Epub 2007 Nov 20.
Author(s): Matheson L, Mayer J, Mooney V, Sarkin A, Dreisinger T, Verna J, Leggett S.
PubMed ID: 18027077

Title: Continuous low-level heat wrap therapy for the prevention and early phase treatment of delayed-onset muscle soreness of the low back: a randomized controlled trial.
Source: Arch Phys Med Rehabil. 2006 Oct;87(10):1310–7.
Author(s): Mayer JM, Mooney V, Matheson LN, Erasala GN, Verna JL, Udermann BE, Leggett S.
PubMed ID: 17023239

Title: Reliability of a visual analog version of the QuickDASH.
Source: J Bone Joint Surg Am. 2006 Aug;88(8):1782–7.
Author(s): Matheson LN, Melhorn JM, Mayer TG, Theodore BR, Gatchel RJ.
PubMed ID: 16882902

Title: Reliability and validity of the Milliken Activities of Daily Living Scale.
Source: J Occup Rehabil. 2005 Sep;15(3):343–51.
Author(s): Seaton MK, Groth GN, Matheson L, Feely C.
PubMed ID: 16119225

Title: Treating acute low back pain with continuous low-level heat wrap therapy and/or exercise: a randomized controlled trial.
Source: Spine J. 2005 Jul–Aug;5(4):395–403.
Author(s): Mayer JM, Ralph L, Look M, Erasala GN, Verna JL, Matheson LN, Mooney V.
PubMed ID: 15996609

Title: Reliability and validity of a new computer-administered pictorial activity and task sort.
Source: J Occup Rehabil. 2005 Jun;15(2):203–13.
Author(s): Mayer J, Mooney V, Matheson L, Leggett S, Verna J, Balourdas G, DeFilippo G.
PubMed ID: 15844677

Title: History, design characteristics, and uses of the pictorial activity and task sorts.
Source: J Occup Rehabil. 2004 Sep;14(3):175–95.
Author(s): Matheson LN.
PubMed ID: 15156777

Title: Improvement in postoperative and nonoperative spinal patients on a self-report measure of disability: the Spinal Function Sort (SFS).
Source: J Occup Rehabil. 2003 Jun;13(2):107–13.
Author(s): Robinson RC, Kishino N, Matheson L, Woods S, Hoffman K, Unterberg J, Pearson C, Adams L, Gatchel RJ.
PubMed ID: 12708104

Title: The contribution of aerobic fitness and back strength to lift capacity.
Source: Spine (Phila Pa 1976). 2002 Jun 1;27(11):1208–12.
Author(s): Matheson LN, Leggett S, Mooney V, Schneider K, Mayer J.
PubMed ID: 12045519

Title: Reliability and reactivity of three new functional assessment measures.
Source: Work. 2002;18(1):41–50.
Author(s): Matheson LN, Rogers LC, Kaskutas V, Dakos M.
PubMED ID: 12441590

Title: Relationships among lifting ability, grip force, and return to work.
Source: Phys Ther. 2002 Mar;82(3):249–56.
Author(s): Matheson LN, Isernhagen SJ, Hart DL.
PubMED ID: 11869153

Title: Development of the Functional Assessment Taxonomy.
Source: J Occup Rehabil. 2001 Sep;11(3):155–75.
Author(s): Gaudino EA, Matheson LN, Mael FA,
PubMED ID: 11822194

Title: Disability methodology redesign: considerations for a new approach to disability determination.
Source: J Occup Rehabil. 2001 Sep;11(3):135–42.
Author(s): Matheson LN.
PubMED ID: 11822192

Title: Development of new methods to determine work disability in the United States.
Source: J Occup Rehabil. 2001 Sep;11(3):143–54.
Author(s): Matheson LN, Kane M, Rodbard D.
PubMED ID: 11822193

Title: Development of a database of functional assessment measures related to work disability.
Source: J Occup Rehabil. 2001 Sep;11(3):177–99.
Author(s): Matheson LN, Kaskutas V, McCowan S, Shaw H, Webb C.
PubMED ID: 11822195

Title: Development and construct validation of the Hand Function Sort.
Source: Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation. 2001 Jun;11(2):75–86.
Author(s): LN Matheson, VK Kaskutas, D Mada.
PubMed ID: 11706533

Title: Restorative exercise for clinical low back pain. A prospective two-center study with 1-year follow-up.
Source: Spine (Phila Pa 1976). 1999 May 1;24(9):889–98.
Author(s): Leggett S, Mooney V, Matheson LN, Nelson B, Dreisinger T, Van Zytveld J, Vie L.
PubMED ID: 10327511

Title: Reliability of independent observer judgments of level of lift effort in a kinesiophysical Functional Capacity Evaluation.
Source: Work. 1999;12(2):145–150.
Author(s): Isernhagen SJ, Hart DL, Matheson LM.
PubMED ID: 12441429

Title: A test to measure lift capacity of physically impaired adults. Part 2—Reactivity in a patient sample.
Source: Spine (Phila Pa 1976). 1995 Oct 1;20(19):2130–4.
Author(s): Matheson LN, Mooney V, Holmes D, Leggett S, Grant JE, Negri S, Holmes B.
PubMED ID: 8588170

Title: A test to measure lift capacity of physically impaired adults. Part 1—Development and reliability testing.
Source: Spine (Phila Pa 1976). 1995 Oct 1;20(19):2119–29.
Author(s): Matheson LN, Mooney V, Grant JE, Affleck M, Hall H, Melles T, Lichter RL, McIntosh G.
PubMED ID: 8588169

Title: Guidelines for functional capacity evaluation of people with medical conditions.
Source: J Orthop Sports Phys Ther. 1993 Dec;18(6):682–6.
Author(s): Hart DL, Isernhagen SJ, Matheson LN.
PubMED ID: 8281182

Title: Effect of instructions on isokinetic trunk strength testing variability, reliability, absolute value, and predictive validity.
Source: Spine. 1992 Aug;17(8):914-21.
Author(s): Matheson L, Mooney V, Caiozzo V, Jarvis G, Pottinger J, DeBerry C, Backlund K, Klein K, Antoni J.
PubMED ID: 1523494

Title: Rehabilitating the injured worker: opportunities and pitfalls.
Source: J Ambul Care Mark. 1990;4(1):39-47.
Author(s): Matheson LN.
PubMED ID: 10110698 (Abstract not available)

Title: Work hardening: occupational therapy in industrial rehabilitation.
Source: Am J Occup Ther. 1985 May;39(5):314-21.
Author(s): Matheson LN, Ogden LD, Violette K, Schultz K.
PubMED ID: 4014411

Title: The interdisciplinary team in cardiac rehabilitation.
Source: Rehabil Lit. 1975 Dec;36(12):366-75, 385.
Author(s): Matheson LN, Selvester RH, Rice HE.
PubMED ID: 1215651 (Abstract not available)