Effectiveness of Steroid Shots Compared with That of Placebo for Back Pain

Nicholas Bakalar in the New York Times Well blog reports that a randomized study of 84 adults with short-term back pain shows that there is no statistical significance in reduction of leg and back pain when comparing steroid injections, an arthritis medicine, and a placebo. “The researchers conclude that steroids may provide some short-term analgesic [...]

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Parent as Coach

In the early 21st century, when American children reach late adolescence, parents have little control and children often don’t have sufficient self-control.  In the responsibility vacuum between late adolescence and early adulthood, problems develop that are a symptom of the absence of intention, living life with a focus and purpose.  Most young people grow into [...]

College Athletes File Class-Action Suit against NCAA over Concussions

The New York Times reports that a class-action suit claiming the NCAA has been negligent in addressing concussions suffered by athletes has been filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern district of Illinois on behalf of Derek Owens, Adrian Arrington, Mark Turner, and Angela Palacios. Palacios is a former soccer player; Owens, Arrington, [...]

Former NHL Linesman Pat Dapuzzo Talks about Post-Concussion Depression

Former NHL linesman Pat Dapuzzo is just one of a number of hockey players who have been in multiple collisions and have sustained multiple concussions as a result. He is also among the number for whom the consequences of those injuries are ongoing. Dapuzzo, retired from active play and now a scout for the Toronto [...]

Hippocampal Health

One of the main areas of neurogenesis in the human brain is the hippocampus, the temporary way station in your brain for information before a small portion (less than 1% of all of the information you receive) is retained as memory traces in other parts of the brain. What determines what is retained? One factor [...]

Neurogenic Development

Starting from a stem cell and maturing over three weeks into a fully functional neuron that begins to link with other neurons, neurogenesis offsets neuropathic losses caused by age, illness, or injury. The process continues throughout life, but ebbs and flows, depending on several factors. Neurogenesis requires just-right challenges both to cognitive capacity and to [...]

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