A basic starter set is designed to implement the California Functional Capacity Protocol (Cal-FCP) as the default functional capacity evaluation test battery. The Cal-FCP provides a minimal but well-balanced evaluation of function in areas that are sensitive to musculoskeletal disorders. Additional equipment can be added to meet a broader range of patient needs. This is the equipment that Dr. Matheson uses daily in practice. We recommend only what we use.

Basic Starter Set
California Functional Capacity Protocol (Cal-FCP) Starter Set
Includes: Dr. Matheson’s ToolKit, Hand Function Sort, & Spinal Function Sort
$ 500Matheson Development
Items in the Cal-FCP Starter Set can also be purchased separately:
Toolkit CD$ 110Matheson Development
Spinal Function Sort$ 240Matheson Development
Hand Function Sort$ 240Matheson Development
Matheson Integrated Lift Evaluation System–EPIC Lift Capacity*$4,365Matheson Development
EPICTM dynamic lifting systemTBDBTE Technologies
Jamar Hydraulic Pinch Gauge (30 pounds)$ 339Matheson Development
Jamar Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer (200 pounds)$ 364Matheson Development
* Export prices are dependent on local distributors and support requirements costs. Costs of equipment provided by Matheson Development are estimates and depend on software options.

Prices shown here are superceded by the price quoted in product catalogs and do not include shipping and handling.


  • The Toolkit CD includes the Cal-FCP video, the Cal-FCP Examiner’s Manual, sample reports and all of the forms that are needed to conduct the Cal-FCP, as well as the Excel® calculators that are necessary to convert raw data to normative values.
  • The Matheson Integrated Lift Evaluation System–EPIC Lift Capacity includes a site license for the EPIC Lift Capacity (ELC) Test and certification for one individual. The cost for additional ELC training and certification for each professional is $350. The training is a self-paced course of video and PowerPoint slides that guide the individual through the evaluation protocol. On-site custom training is also available. For more information about training dates and availability, please contact EpicRehab at 636-724-4556.

For additional information, and to customize your clinical equipment to meet a broader range of patient needs, contact Dr. Matheson.