The lectures below are presented as a public service. Each slideshow is intended as an introduction to the topics listed below. They should not be used in place of actual instruction. The material presented in the slides is addressed in more detail in information about certification provided by EpicRehab.

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  1. “Doctor, Can I Go Back to Work?” Functional Capacity Evaluation: Improving Outcomes and Minimizing Risks
  2. EPIC 1: Lift Capacity Test
  3. EPIC Lift Capacity Test Comparison
  4. Effort Evaluation in Disability Assessment
  5. Evaluation of Lifting and Lowering with the EPIC Lift Capacity Test
  6. An Evolving Model of Work Disability Assessment
  7. The Future of Functional Capacity Evaluation
  8. How Can You Measure Functional Capacity?
  9. Managing the Reluctant Worker’s Reality
  10. New Client-Centered Approaches to Work Rehabilitation of Persons with Acquired Brain Impairment [AOTA, 2007] (ppt)
  11. Post-traumatic Growth: How to Facilitate Rehabilitation After Serious Illness or Injury
  12. Returning to Work with Chronic Pain, Part 1: Focus on (Early) Return to Work
  13. Returning to Work with Chronic Pain, Part 2: Focus on (Early) Return to Work
  14. Returning to Work with Chronic Pain, Part 3: Symptom Magnification Syndrome
  15. Symptom Magnification Syndrome: Minimizing Your Exposure
  16. United States Social Security Work Disability and Functional Tests
  17. Using FCE to Minimize Your Exposure to Symptom Magnification Syndrome
  18. Virtual Reality and Work Rehabilitation: Occupational Performance Context
  19. Work Capacity Evaluation Guidelines