Download the EPIC Lift Capacity Certification Forms.


The EPIC Lift Capacity test must be performed only by persons who have been trained and certified by EpicRehab.

After completing the ELC training, use this FREE Certification Forms Packet to become one of the more than 1600 persons certified to perform the Epic Lift Capacity test.

For more information please visit our EPIC Lift Capacity Certification page.


  • Certification Application
  • Certification Kit Procedures
  • ELC Evaluation Record: Frequent Female
  • ELC Evaluation Record: Occasional Female
  • ELC Evaluation Record: Frequent Male
  • ELC Evaluation Record: Occasional Male
  • ELC Symptom Description Form
  • Follow-up Questionnaire
  • Health Questionnaire
  • Informed Consent
  • Job Demands Questionnaire
  • MTAP Instructions

Features and Benefits

The ELC provides normative data that allow certified evaluators to interpret performance on the six ELC sub-tests with healthy normal adults, categorized in terms of age and gender. There is no other lift capacity test that offers such normative data. If you provide evaluation services that are likely to be used in a court of law, the peer-reviewed ELC allows you to be sure that your test data will be acceptable as evidence, as long as you are certified.