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The Feasibility Evaluation Checklist (FEC) is a vocational observation tool that evaluates an individual’s performance in work skills and behaviors that have been identified as important in returning to work for people with cognitive or physical disabilities. This is product is available only via download.

The FEC evaluates three areas of feasibility for competitive employment:

  1. General productivity
  2. Safety in the workplace
  3. Interpersonal behavior

Following the evaluation the FEC returns a recommendation that the person is either suitable for competitive employment or sheltered employment, or is not employable.

This test is designed to be used in observation of the client while he or she is in the process of performing a simulated work trial.

EpicRehab offers two options for simulated work activities:

  1. The Progressive Occupational Demand (POD) System
  2. The Structured Work Activities Group (SWAG)


  • FEC Examiner’s Manual
  • FEC Self-Report
  • Example FEC Observation Form
  • Blank FEC Observation Form

Features and Benefits

  • Provides a recommendation of suitable employment for persons with physical or cognitive disabilities
  • Can be completed in 5 minutes
  • Includes a scale that indicates Potential for Improvement

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