Training Opportunities

EpicRehab offers four opportunities for training:

  • EPIC Lift Capacity (ELC) Test Certification Workshop
  • EPIC Lift Capacity Test Certification Self-Study
  • Work Capacity Evaluation in Neurorehabilitation Workshop
  • Symptom Magnification Syndrome Self-Study (available from Matheson Developmen)

ELC Certification Workshop Information

The ELC Certification Workshop has trained more than 5,000 professionals over the past 20 years. In a clinic setting that combines hands-on training and practice with didactic education, the ELC workshop will set the stage for ELC Certification. Both training options (workshop and self-study) cover the same material. The workshop includes:

  • EPIC Lift Capacity manual and all necessary forms for protocol administration
  • Six hours of instruction on the safe and reliable use of the ELC test protocol
  • EPIC Lift Capacity Certification upon passing a written examination, completion of an application, and submission of five test-retest case examples with healthy subjects at a site-licensed facility. There is no additional charge for the ELC certification

EpicRehab will customize training to your facility’s needs if you have six or more people to be certified. Trainers will arrange a mutually acceptable date for the training. In addition to the training cost of $450 per person, you will need to cover the trainer’s travel expenses and one-night hotel accommodation. We have trainers that are in close proximity to most facilities in the United States. Please email EpicRehab for more information or to arrange a customized training.

ELC Certification Self-Study Kit Information

The ELC Certification Kit, developed by Leonard N. Matheson, PhD, provides all that the professional requires for self-study to become an EpicRehab-Certified ELC Evaluator. If you are already certified, the kit provides you with a refresher course, including more than two hours of lecture from Dr. Matheson. The kit and more information about it, including certification and technical details, are available at Matheson Development.

Symptom Magnification Syndrome (SMS): Self-Study & In-Service Training Seminar Package

The SMS Package is in-service training that Dr. Matheson provides in a workshop format. It can be used as self-study or to provide the SMS workshop in your own clinic. The package and more information about it, including contents and technical details, are available from Matheson Development.