Basic Certification Criteria

  1. Completion of a one-day course on use of the EPIC Lift Capacity test conducted by an EPIC-certified trainer
  2. Completion of written open-book examination with an 85% correct response rate
  3. Administration of 5 test-retest exams on healthy volunteers using site-licensed equipment


  1. Completion of self-study program available in the EPIC Lift Capacity Certification Kit (available from Matheson Development)
  2. Completion of written open-book examination with a 85% correct response rate
  3. Administration of 5 test-retest exams on healthy volunteers using site-licensed equipment



  • ELC Certification Kit: $350
    (includes a serial number for one evaluator candidate)
  • Workshops at our facilities: $450 per person

Processing and Fees

Certification packets are distributed at the conclusion of the workshop. ELC certification does not require maintenance, although advanced certification is available.

Training Materials

Each training option covers the same material and includes:

  • the EPIC Lift Capacity manual and all necessary forms for protocol administration
  • ToolKit 2010

Types of Certification


The evaluator is able to provide service independently within his or her area of professional expertise.

An Evaluator certificate will be issued for an applicant when the applicant meets the 3 criteria for basic certification and supplies proof that requirements for independent professional practice have been met. Proof is normally provided in the form of a photocopy of the current professional license or registration certificate. Another form of proof may be substituted if it substantially confirms that the applicant has met the requirements for independent practice and is currently practicing at a professional level. For example, a copy of a professional malpractice insurance policy would be acceptable. It is the applicant’s responsibility to provide sufficient documentation to confirm ability to practice as an independent professional.


The technician must provide service under the supervision of an appropriately trained professional who is also a certified ELC Evaluator. A Technician certificate will be issued for an applicant when he or she meets the 3 criteria listed for basic certification but is not licensed or registered to practice.

Students in healthcare professional programs qualify for certification as technicians. After the student completes all requirements for independent practice and submits evidence attainment of professional status, an evaluator certificate will be issued.

Certificate Review

A file is maintained on each evaluator and technician for potential review by appropriately designated authorities with the permission of the evaluator or technician.

Customized and Onsite Training

EpicRehab will customize training to your facility’s needs if you have six or more people to be certified. Trainers will arrange a mutually acceptable date for the training. In addition to the training cost of $450 per person, you will need to cover the trainer’s travel expenses and one-night hotel accommodation. We have trainers that are in close proximity to most facilities in the United States. Please email EpicRehab for more information or to arrange a customized training.

NOTE: Because of the technical nature of the material, it is difficult to learn the process without formal training. For this reason, two persons from the same facility are encouraged to attend so that services are not suspended when one certified staff person is not available. Additionally, although it is normal to schedule one client on the Cal-FCP every two hours, with two people who are trained, one client per hour scheduling is quite feasible.

Equipment Information and Suppliers

  • Equipment for administration of the Cal-FCP costs approximately $6,000 (many clinics already have most of the equipment in place).
  • The EPIC Lift Capacity process is patent-protected.
  • Equipment list
  • EPIC Lift Capacity test authorized equipment suppliers:
    1. Matheson Development
    2. BTE Technologies

Do not build this equipment yourself or buy it from an unauthorized supplier; we do not support or authorize other suppliers or home-built equipment. The unauthorized builder is assuming a great risk for product liability. We impose these controls strictly in order to protect the public who relies on these protocols and the professionals who make the commitment to provide FCE services with integrity.