From Joe Verna, Spine & Sport:
Please find attached recognition and induction of the MTAP into the Official Disability Guidelines (ODG). ODG is the primary guideline to use for treatment request and authorizations for workers’ compensation in the state of California as well as many other states in the US. In other words, ODG helps validate your treatment when using rehabilitation approaches in these guidelines and things not found in the guidelines are likely not authorized. I would like to thank the many years of work by Vert Mooney Research Foundation members, in particular: Dr Len Matheson for his decades of work on this filed of patient reported outcome measures. I would also like to thank many clinics/ clinicians that have used and are routinely using the MTAP and continue to improve patient care.

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See Multidimensional task ability profile (MTAP).
Multidimensional task ability profile (MTAP)
Recommend acceptance by a payer as an option, when they require documentation of objective functional outcomes. According to ODG, restoration of function should be the primary measure of treatment success, and there are are variety of options. Also see the Pain Chapter and the Low Back Chapter. The MTAP is a patient-reported outcome measure of physical function that uses a combination of text and pictorial illustrations. The MTAP in its current form of 50 items is reliable when administered to individuals with musculoskeletal disorders in either English or Spanish. (Verna, 2013) The technology of self-report measures was used to develop MTAP for use with patients with musculoskeletal impairments that may lead to work disability. The MTAP displayed good concurrent validity compared with actual physical performance as assessed by the EPIC Lift Capacity test. Modern performance-integrated self-report measures, such as the MTAP, have the potential to provide information about functional capacity that is sufficiently useful to confirm status and help guide treatment algorithms. (Mooney, 2010) Results demonstrate that the MTAP has good concurrent validity. (Mayer, 2005) See also Functional capacity evaluation (FCE).