A research study has been published describing the reliability of the Spanish-language version of the MTAP:

Verna JL, Matheson LN, Gables S, Hause R, Mayer JM. (2012). “Development and Reliability Testing of Spanish Language and English Language Versions of the Multidimensional Task Ability Profile”. J Occup Rehabil. Published online October 13, 2012. DOI 10.1007/s10926-012-9395-8.


Purpose: The purpose of this study was to assess the: 1) test-retest reliability of the English and Spanish language versions of the Multidimensional Task Ability Profile (MTAP), and 2) cross-cultural adaptation of the Spanish language version of the MTAP. The MTAP is a patient-reported outcome measure of physical function that uses a combination of text and pictorial illustrations.

Methods: An observational study was conducted with a convenience sample of patients with musculoskeletal disorders from three outpatient physical rehabilitation centers. Participants (n = 110) completed the MTAP two times over a three-day period. Focus groups were conducted at the end of the study. Correlation analyses were used to assess test-retest reliability and qualitative analyses were used to assess cultural adaptation of the MTAP.

Results: The English and Spanish versions of the MTAP displayed good test-retest reliability (ICC 2,1 = 0.87 to 0.97, p < 0.05). Qualitative analyses demonstrated adequate cross-cultural adaptation of the Spanish language version of the instrument.

Conclusions: The findings of this study indicate that the MTAP has been adequately adapted from its original English version for use with Spanish-speaking individuals. The MTAP in its current form of 50 items is reliable when administered to individuals with musculoskeletal disorders in either English or Spanish.

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