A study about the EPIC Lift Capacity test, “Age and Gender Normative Data for Lift Capacity“, is available as a free download at Matheson Development.

Published in WORK 49 (2014) 257–269.


BACKGROUND: Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCEs) are routinely used in physical medicine to ascertain an individual’s work ability; with lift capacity being an important aspect of many evaluations. Despite the widespread use of lift capacity tests, there are few studies that provide age and gender normative data.

OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the safety, reliability, and validity of the EPIC Lift Capacity test, and to examine the effects of age and gender on lift capacity.

METHODS: This study used a test-retest design with 4,443 adult participants in good general health. Test-retest of participants’ lift capacity was undertaken to examine safety and reliability. Age and gender and the self-reported physical demands of each employed participant’s usual and customary job were collected to examine validity.

RESULTS: Safety and reliability were demonstrated for both measures of lift capacity for each of the six sub-tests in the EPIC Lift Capacity test battery. Inter-subtest differences and expected age and gender differences were found across all subtests.

CONCLUSIONS: The EPIC Lift Capacity test is a safe and reliable test of lift capacity. Normative data are presented that allow comparison within age and gender categories.