Many years of broad experience in health care and rehabilitation allow EpicRehab to assist professionals to improve their clinical skills and thereby the outcomes available to their clients. Whether you are an individual practitioner or an executive responsible for large clinical programs, EpicRehab has the experience to provide credible and effective assistance.

Professional Rehabilitation Training and Certification

We provide face-to-face and independent distance learning opportunities for rehabilitation professionals.

We provide certification in the administration of the EPIC Lift Capacity (ELC) test.

Clinical Consulting

We offer consulting services in the following areas:

  • Disability determination and employment screening
  • Development of functional capacity evaluation (FCE) and work capacity evluation (WCE) protocols
  • Accreditation of rehabilitation facilities
  • Complex case coordination
  • Psychological counseling and testing
  • Forensic rehabilitation
  • Neurorehabilitation

For more information, to arrange a consultation, or to request the fee structure and billing policies, please e-mail us.

Test Development and Validation

EpicRehab has developed more than 100 test protocols, including both self-report measures and performance measures. Development can be undertaken in a collaborative process with EpicRehab assuming as much or as little responsibility for the project as necessary. Examples of test development include:

  • ELC Test
  • Cal FCP
  • Functional Capacity Evaluation
  • Spinal Function Sort and Hand Function Sort:
    These are paper and pencil measures of self perceived ability that are linked to the United States Department of Labor Physical Demand Characteristics of Work system. Each measure is designed to have a very low performance floor to address concerns about less than full effort performance.
  • Multidimensional Task Ability Profile:
    The MTAP is a computer administered measure of self perceived ability that is linked to the United States Department of Labor Physical Demand Characteristics of Work system. Items from both the Hand Function Sort and Spinal Function Sort are included, with redundancies eliminated and new items added to address key measurement issues. Developed by EpicRehab in concert with the United States spine and sport foundation and Measurement Driven Rehabilitation Services in San Diego, California.