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Whether you or a family member needs counseling, assessment, or rehabilitation case management, EpicRehab has the necessary resources. The approach that EpicRehab takes is client centered and includes the family whenever possible.

About Dr. Matheson

Leonard Matheson, PhD is married and the father of two. Len is a licensed psychologist and is nationally certified as a vocational evaluator and rehabilitation counselor. He is a member of the American Psychological Association, the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, and the International Positive Psychology Association. You can find more information about his background here.


Central to Len’s personal and professional values is respect for others. For many years he taught the Core Skills course to Occupational Therapy graduate students at the Washington University School of Medicine. Len began each semester with a lecture on the importance of respect, because this is the most basic of health care practitioners’ core skills and values.

Although the intention of all health care practitioners is to respect and value their clients and patients, this is not always demonstrated as well as it could be.

When a person is in need of health-care services, he or she is already feeling vulnerable and often frightened. This is the time when respect is most important, reminding you that you are valued, important and necessary. Len’s first question to you will be, “How can I help you?” because he wants to signal that you are in charge of the relationship and are a fully competent person who deserves his respect. His focus with you will be on your empowerment, encouraging you to be goal oriented and fully responsible.

The Importance of Spirituality, Family, and Friends

Research in health care and rehabilitation supports the importance of Spirituality, Family, and Friends as key parts of successful psychological intervention.

In counseling, Len will emphasize and help you develop your support system. “My personal and professional experience is that these are crucial in successfully dealing with a personal crisis.” These are core resources that must be developed so that the immediate crisis is handled and long-term emotional and physical health is optimized.

It may be that you feel somewhat separated from your spirituality, family, and friends. That is quite common in our very busy and demanding lives. Len will encourage and guide you to reestablish those relationships that contribute to the best outcomes.