EpicRehab has been a leader in Work-Oriented Telerehabilitation services.

Work-Oriented Telerehabilitation is a cost-effective strategy to provide neurorehabilitation services focused on returning to work. It combines a clinic-based program with a home-based program that together are enabled by electronic media to facilitate communication. Electronic media may include teleconferencing, video conferencing, and other appropriate Internet services. This approach ensures that progressive occupational demand can be provided in a series of just-right challenges that harness the client’s neuroplasticity for sufficient duration that full recovery is more likely.

Work-Oriented Telerehabilitation has many important benefits over traditional neurorehabilitation services:

  • Minimizes the “bricks and mortar” overhead costs of service providers.
  • Minimizes the client’s transportation time and expense.
  • Minimizes the client’s time away from his or her family.
  • Helps retain the relationship between the client and his or her employer.
  • Minimizes the likelihood that the client will become institutionally dependent.
  • Expands the range of available professional skills.
  • Minimizes the professional’s transportation time.
  • Supports practitioners in the client’s community by augmenting their knowledge, skills, and abilities with those of the distant specialist.
  • Provides a broader range of potential peer professional support.